Leading Water Solutions Company, Cobra Watertech is calling South African designers, students, architects, plumbers, industrial designers, neighbours, hipsters, barflies & big dreamers with a passion for innovation and an eye for interior spaces.


Design a public bathroom solution that is:

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Megan Hesse

Company: Anatomy Design
PDC Judge: Since 2015
Accolades: Most beautiful object in South Africa 2010
Favourite Pantone: Pantone 18-5845 - Lush Meadow
Favourite Design Tool: My Apple Mac desktop
Inspiration: The men and women who create our designs 
Office Playlist: Deezer Mix

Murray Sharp

Company: Barrows Design and Manufacture
PDC Judge: New to the Panel
Accolades: 3 x Cobra PDC Winner
Favourite Pantone: Pantone 338c
Favourite Design Tool: Solidworks & my pencil
Inspiration: Nature. Cars. Daniel Simon
Studio Playlist: Sawyer Fredericks

Marcia Margolius

Name: Marcia Margolius
Company: SA Décor and Design
PDC Judge: Since 2013
Accolades: Runner up Blogger Year 2015 and 2016
Favourite Pantone: ROSE QUARTZ
Favourite Design Tool: Photo Shop
Inspiration: Travel and my work. I love what I do!
Studio Playlist: Adele Laurie

Ronelle Badenhorst

Company: GroheDawn Watertech
PDC Judge: Since 2013
Favourite Pantone: Marsala
Favourite Design Tool: Blank canvas and pencil or paint
Inspiration: Space (yes, as in the great yonder out there!), nature, books, good food and wine.
Office Playlist:  Muse  
Desk Mascot: 3 black onyx pebbles

Greg Scott

Name: Greg Wright
Company: Greg Wright Architects & SITE interior Design
PDC Judge: Since 2013
Accolades: Broadly Published
Favourite Pantone: N10
Favourite Design Tool: My hand - with my LAMY fountain pen in it!
Inspiration: A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Studio Playlist: Absolute Mix

2016 is the year for considered design!  And what exactly does this mean…

It is important to Cobra to encourage innovative design but we need to remain mindful at all times of real world challenges, in particular with respect to public bathroom spaces. While last year’s brief was fun, free and open for interpretation, this year we want to inspire considered designs, which means we will be looking for first class innovation combined with practicality and solutions to inspire and accommodate real world situations. For example: the public shower space could be more than just a vandal resistant shower. Since we are in a drought stricken country it would benefit us all if water saving is incorporated into all design. We would like to wish all our participants the very best with their creations, as we expect this year’s Cobra PDC to be nothing short of explosively dynamic.

- Ramielle De Jager, Product Manager Cobra Watertech 


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